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                Carbinol is a kind of colorless, transparent, inflammable, volatile and toxic liquid,and under normal temperature, it has corrosion to metals with alcohol smell.

                Molecular Weight: 32.04
                Density: 0.792(20/4℃)
                Melting point: -97.8℃
                Boiling point: 64.5℃ 
                Burning Heat: 725.76KJ/mol,Flash Point12.22℃ 
                Self-ignition point463.89℃, Steam Density1.11, Steam pressure 13.33KPa(100mmHg 21.2℃) 
                Carbinol Use:It is superior organic chemical raw materials and superior fuel. It is mainly used in fined chemical industry and plastic industry and it is the raw material of pesticides and pharmacy and so on. 
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